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Traits of an NPO looking to Grow

When it comes to growth, one of the most important aspects to look at is the starting position. This is the current setting the organisation is in and defines how growth will be managed from this point forward. So, for an NPO looking to grow and expand its efforts we must analyse the immediate climate and surroundings and adapt these aspects toward our future goals.
If the first step is taking a proper look at the current state of the NPO, then the next step is to decide where the NPO wants to head towards. From here we have the starting point and a finishing point (because growth is never truly done) to work with and from there it’s only a matter of fitting the necessary pieces into place.

Filling in the Gaps

Once we’ve identified the parameters of our organisation’s growth strategy it’s time to get everybody on the same page. From the staff to the main board and right down to even the community being involved to an extent, we must ensure that every player in the game also wants growth. Once we are all looking in the same direction it becomes easier to plot out a roadmap for where we want to go. Not only this but it provides resources and support from all members, each motivated to help and with the necessary information and direction to do so.
Because definition is important...

Defining the Direction we Grow

Once we have the instrumental players in our organisation involved we can start to make more deliberate and long term movements towards growth. This is done when we start to detail what it is we want our organisation to grow into. From there we can start to isolate key points in the process, points we can use as a checklist of progress. Like plotting out a roadmap, we have established the starting and finishing point and now are adding checkpoints along the way to ensure that our journey stays true. We must identify performance indicators that represent the type of changes we want made, so that we can analyse impact and adapt to results.

Realistic Obstacles and Persistence

Whenever we plan out a strategy it is always a good idea to try and be as realistic as possible about any obstacles that might get in the way. Not only does this allow us to better prepare for these obstacles, it also let’s us properly celebrate those that we overcome. Any strategy is inevitably a journey and being able to map the difficulty of the terrain makes a big difference. Appreciating the distance progressed on a journey through tough terrain also motivates us to keep going, and seek out more obstacles to overcome. Our mindsets affect everything we do, let’s make sure we nurture and grow them too along this journey.

All in all, there are several aspects that come together to implement a growth strategy, and each one involves deliberate and delicate action. This is why we strategise though, because it breaks these tasks into manageable chunks that can be properly digested and effectively dealt with. The world is a busy place but when we focus, it becomes easier to see the things that matter.
Defining growth properly leads to new possibilities...
E L Child Organisation

Here at Your Story Newsletter we find it is important to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of members of our community.
In this pursuit and to promote the good work they’re doing, we would like to talk about E L Child. An organisation in the Non-Profit sector that focuses on creating and promoting conscious, green and compassionate communities.

In today’s world we have largely realised that our ecosystems are under attack. Through our rapid industrialisation and our disregard for the environment on a global scale we have unsettled the balance of nature. It is our job to restore that balance and rectify the mistakes our ancestors have made time and time again.

This impact starts with our children. They are the ones that will propel us into the future, and it is upon their shoulders that our fate depends. This is where Excellent Life Child is focussing their efforts, this is where they are making an impact, so that we can start repairing these vulnerable ecosystems…

There are primarily 5 components to the E L Child organisation. This is.

Soul Care for traumatised children & Conscious Parenting
Enrichment for educators
Creative Soul Circle for women
Green Earth Project
Peace Awareness Programme

E L Child’s central focus is holistic intervention. Through their Empathic Soul Care they reach out to Primary Schools to help traumatised and struggling children. Alongside counsellors and psychologists they help heal these children in need. Their process of healing incorporates Nature and the Arts into its core framework, allowing the children a platform of free expression and openness.

By providing helpful and healing support through empathic listening, breath work, trauma stress relief, storytelling and much more, E L Child provide the children with the necessary tools to properly explore and interpret their experiences, an invaluable life skill we must all keep working on. Beyond this, children engage through play theatre, Indigo Yoga, Pet Therapy and even some Eco gardening and energy healing. All this variety serves to free up any obstacles within their minds and develop an open and perceptive attitude to life.
Outreach at Summit Primary

A Well-Rounded Support System

On top of supporting the children at an emotional and spiritual level, E L Child also offer Learning Readiness Intervention. This provides kids with tools to help them learn and enjoy learning. From Perceptual Play to a Sensory Therapy Garden, to Wellness Day Journeys in nature and much more, E L Child aims to help develop the children for school and the future learning they will inevitably experience. This work is done in conjunction with Edith Stephen’s Nature Reserve, Creative SandTray International and Pre and Primary schools’ libraries and psychologists. E L Child is also connected to Novalus Ubuntu and their amazing project: A Chance for Every Child. Additionally, this has led to instruction from the school psychologists to begin a Training School that empowers Soul Care Empaths and Therapists. This will allow for a greater reach to other schools and communities that require this support. E L Child would also like to thank Director Anne Lisa Bure and her staff for affording the community amazing opportunities to access lifelong learning. Plus a special thank you to teacher and advisor Ralph Douw, for sharing his wealth of experience with them.

E L Child Looking Forward

Looking toward the future E L Child has some big plans to help even more people. By adapting and growing their focus to include a School of Consciousness and Quantum Learning, they are also aiming to help propel communities into the next generation, and bring them together to work and live in peaceful coexistence. On top of this, the organisation is making inroads toward social enterprise and sustainability. This will allow E L Child to pursue all their grand dreams of the future and progressively help more and more children.

Currently E L Child are looking to acquire a building to be used for higher learning, opening the doors to an even greater portion of the community. They have been a registered NPO for 7 years, but the programme has served the community for at least 21 years. This shows that they have developed a deep and nurtured understanding of the communities that need this sort of support, and are in a primed position to provide it. As part of the NGO Assist Trust, E L Child will also get access to our future fundraising efforts as well as any other collective resources we gather. Together we can help change the world, one step at a time.
Children Appreciating Musical Attunement
Want to get in contact with E L Child and extend your support? Contact us at the NGO Assist Trust to see how you can help!

Landing Pages: What are they and why do you need them?

In previous articles we have talked about social media and even lead generation but a crucial step along these that we failed to emphasise enough is Landing Pages. So let’s start at the beginning; what is a Landing Page? When we talk of Landing Pages we are essentially referring to an online space where consumer’s and supporters can visit and address your organisation directly.  It is the end of the lead generation line, where information has already been delivered and the person now wants to take the next step and make a purchase or donate to the cause. It is the online equivalent of sealing the deal, in which the marketing efforts made are finally rewarded.

The reason a Landing page is so important is that with the pace of modern day technology people don’t have the time to put in a large amount of effort to make a purchase or even donate to an important cause. It can sound rather callous but it is an inevitability with the amount of attention driven media available. Everyone is trying to sell something online, and the primary payment today is attention.  This is why we must streamline our efforts and enable people an easy passage toward supporting us.
Call to Actions come in all shapes and sizes...

What works as a Landing Page?

When it comes to the practical side of things the most commonly used Landing page is on a website. This is because there are a lot of call to action possibilities through websites and organisations can really tailor a user’s experience to provide the best possible one. On top of this there are a wealth of resources to keep track of analytics and statistics of any nature, which helps tune the process of delivering people to the Landing pages. Websites are also a lot easier to organise transactions through, so supporters can donate straight to your organisations cause.

On the other hand, there is also social media services that can make for decent Landing pages. Facebook for instance has several similar qualities to websites regarding Landing pages. This means visitors to your Facebook page will still be able to engage directly with you and even offer advice and feedback. Whilst there are some limiting factors, social media can still be an incredibly powerful Landing page tool, especially if you prefer to do business in person towards the end.

Fundamentally then, it is important to have a place to gather people that are interested in your organisation. A place where they can learn more about you and your causes and a place where they can easily take the next step and start helping or making donations. In this attention focussed economy we need to make sure there are points of refuge for our network, points that make the whole experience come together and gets everyone quite literally on the same page…
A Landing Page is about directing traffic toward one primary point...
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