People can’t help with things they don’t know or understand and more so they won’t help with what they can’t trust. So a massive part of any marketing efforts, especially for social enterprises or NPOs, is creating a transparent and visible view of the organisation and its motivations. This allows the community to relate to the efforts involved in the organisation and identify aspects they can help with. As well as this there is also the topic of business values, and maintaining these values throughout the organisation’s lifespan. This is done well through transparency since it invites everyone to focus on those values involved, not just the members of the organisation itself but also their community at large. This keeps us all motivated, honest and accountable.

Transparency also plays a significant role in trust within the organisation itself. This stems from the fact that everyone is acutely aware of the aspects involved in the organisation. From their motivations, aims, mission and efforts, everyone has the information available to them and the ability to offer up their own initiatives. Not only does this serve to bring everyone in the organisation together, but it also provides much more efficiency since everyone is on the same page and able to contribute to every step.

Data transparency

Time to Push Transparency

Transparency in marketing clearly has many benefits, not least in the effort of garnering organic support. This open form of marketing enables trust across all branches of the organisation and as a result, plays a significant role in bringing everyone together and connecting the organisation with their community. It also means that transparent marketing can be used as a form of impact assessment, allowing everyone to see the connection between organisation and community.

This open platform invites the honest interpretation of events from the side of those that are being affected. It helps provide a larger picture of what is going on and ensures that no one along the way gets left behind. It is time to start doing things in the open and demonstrating to all that watches just how powerful our efforts can be and the effects they are having for everyone involved.

Transparency and accountability
When we have nothing to hide, trust flourishes…