This next year is going to move even faster than the last one and with it so too the trends and potential online. We are all going to have to start incorporating tools of the present to help us in dealing with the speed of things. Here are a few simple tools to help handle the tumult of social media this year.


First up is any content curation tool that can effectively allow you to schedule posts for your social media accounts. The ability to organise your social posts for the week, ahead of time, allows you to free up substantial time during the week, to provide a more delicate touch to your social media presence. Hootsuite is a reliable and popular content curation tool, providing an effective platform to do just this. It also allows for social listening, which essentially provides access to a wealth of content tailored to the user. One last thing; Hootsuite offers a free account service that links up to three social media accounts, allowing for anyone to have access to basic content curation. This sort of tool definitely provides a leg up for social media efforts in 2019!

Feedly and many others…

On the side of discovering online content to share there are many different tools available. From paid services that offer a more extensive and comprehensive service to those that provide a more basic approach for free. Feedly is a cool, free option that pools together various newsfeeds and allows users to find a range of content options from multiple places.
One of the biggest parts of operating an effective social media account is providing your followers with a wealth of information, tailored to your field. With tools that collect a range of articles, videos and pictures you can supplement any online activity you might have and provide a more complete experience for your followers online.

Social media building blocks
Building blocks of an effective social media strategy

Facebook Insights and other Performance tracking tools

In order to grow and develop our presence online we need to track our progress. This helps identify what is working and what’s not. It also helps to build an identity for your followers and better cater to their requirements as a result. Facebook Insights is one we are probably all aware of by now but there are other tools that help track performance for each social media platform. The value of these types of tools is clear, we must now just integrate them effectively into our social media strategies.

Social Media going forward

There are always going to be new and exciting things happening in the fast-paced world of social media marketing and it’s not always going to be easy keeping up with it, even with the help of some of these great tools. This is why we at Sustainable Strategy Implementation NPC would like to add our social media services to this list of useful tools in 2019. We are here to help with all of your social media needs, and provide an ongoing support system that allows you to better focus on your cause and with the knowledge that social media is backing you!