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Here you can find various useful links, join the NGO Assist Trust or even request a copy of the EASI textbook. Feel free to explore the different possibilities available to NPOs and Social Entrepreneurs.

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One of the biggest tools available to NPOs and Social Entrepreneurs is networking and communication…

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Offering Sustainable Strategy

As the name suggests, the main objective of Sustainable Strategy Implementation is to provide paths for struggling organisations to reach sustainability.

Demands On Non-Profits

Corporate social investment mandates in South Africa are becoming ever more demanding. Civil society, the non-profit sector, is coming under ever greater pressure to increase, and prove, their impact on society.

In order to accomplish this increased impact, whilst at the same time becoming sustainable organisations not completely dependent on hand-outs and donations, the non-profit sector needs to develop:

  • scaled up impact
  • new business models
  • skills to build a better business case
  • improved brand and credibility
  • increased accountability
Facilitating NPO Development

In a time of decreased donor funding and a necessity to become economically sustainable, non-profit organisations are realising that it is only with the acquisition of improved resources that they are going to become more than small charities just trying to survive.

In pursuit of these resources then we can look toward what is on offer here. A range of options to support and push NPO’s further, toward a sustainable future. 

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What's On Offer?

By now the importance of good resources is clear, but what kind of resources are available? For Non-Profits and Social Entrepreneurs we have the following…

Tools on Demand

Every organisation requires online support in this day and age. Be it for social media marketing, online donations and funding or simply learning more, there are many benefits involved. Here organisations can request marketing support, sign up to our online newsletter or even browse some of our top articles.

On top of this there is the option to join the NGO Assist Trust, an umbrella group created to offer NPO’s additional support and resources.

Enabling NPO Devlopment

Sustainable Strategy Implementation has built its methodology along the EASI guidelines, illustrated in our attributed textbook. Organisations looking to gain understanding and insight into this proven form of strategic approach can find links to request the textbook here.

Alongside this, organisations can requisition one of our SSI workshops or training programs. These teach the aforementioned strategic framework that can so benefit organisations.