The only way communication can spread is if we actively share it. Without the telling of the story, the event itself is lost to history. We sustain life with our words, they carry with them a weight we often fail to realise and yet we continue to undervalue and under-appreciate the capability of communication. Especially in the Non-profit sector is there this reluctance to communicate. Not because we don’t want to share but rather because we don’t really understand how to share. What parts of my story do I tell? Do I speak on my motivations or do I talk about goals and impact? The truth is that the Non-profit sector must gain experience at networking. By engaging more often we learn to express ourselves better, telling our stories with more clarity and offering the same understanding to those looking to tell theirs. 

There is undoubtedly a lot of reasons to network but simply to improve communication is probably the most important. Beyond that, we can forge bonds, gain support and offer it in kind to those in similar positions. By getting involved with our community we also demonstrate to ourselves and society that there is change happening, and we are constantly trying to get better. 

Ultimately, let’s remember that if we talk now, we can work tomorrow, and start creating lasting impact for the years to come. All it takes is a little perseverance and courage, to get up, be counted and share your story. This is the platform for NGO Assist Trust and their networking breakfast, so please join us and let’s start talking!

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