Here are a few of Our Current Projects...

Strategy made EASI with RIME FC

RIME (Real Ideas Made EASI®) FC

The RIME FC NPC project is the establishment of a sustainable football club in south Gugulethu. The football club, Real Ideas, manifests the youth development potential of a football team that is economically sustainable and can contribute to the community at large by providing sport and social activities for under-privileged youth. The programme is planned for a 6-month period, at which time it is predicted that the club will be able to fund itself going forward. 

Four reputable and established organisations will provide Real Ideas Sport Club with the necessary training, support and economic opportunities in order for the sports club to achieve sustainability.

The programme will provide part-time employment for three individuals in terms of football training and sports club management. In addition, the youth involved with the football club will have the opportunity to further their own studies, learn the basics of entrepreneurship, participate in
fundraising events, and improve their diet.


Genesis Community IT Initiative (G-CITI) is a non-profit organization (NPO)
and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) to support the needs of individuals
with digital literacy, social innovation and entrepreneurship. Founded in
2014, GCITI has successfully implemented various skills programmes that have
impacted more than 3000 individuals. Schools, resource centres, government
agencies, private companies and other non-profit organizations have been
impacted through the G-CITI programmes. G-CITI regards itself as a vehicle
for social change and digital transformation. G-CITI manage the ICAN Centre
in Elsiesriver.

Ranchising 4 Africa

GoodMood Highland Ltd is a Finnish Company that is leading the Ranchising 4
Africa initiative that includes, as official partners, the University of
East London, the German Institute of Food Technologies DIL e.V., the
Institute of Technology Tralee in Ireland, Sustainable Strategy
Implementation and Karoo Fish and Veg in South Africa. Recently the
following organisations joined the initiative: the University of the Western
Cape and the Department of Agriculture in South Africa, and BioGas
International and BioGTS Ltd in Finland. The initiative is being monitored
and supported by the Finnish Department of Foreign Affairs.

Ranchising pic

An Exciting Future

The RANCHISING® concept was first developed in Finland in 1999, on the back
of a systems thinking approach developed by two Finnish farmers, Esko
Rissanen and Matti Kauhanen. The initial step taken was the decision to
completely rethink the rural agriculture system. Initially, in Finland they
concentrated on Highland cattle as the starting point of this
reorganisation. From this starting point, Goodmood Highland Ltd has, highly
successfully and effectively engaged in activities across the EU to promote
effective system thinking for agricultural and food supply chain
reorganisation, completely incorporating the emerging best practices in
sustainable food production. Through these activities GHL has built the
globally focussed consortium, with its next expansionary focus on South
Africa and existing supply chains (cattle and sheep) and emerging practices
(agriproteins and aquaponics).

So these are the Projects we are currently working on... If you would like to help with any of these initiatives or perhaps suggest other community projects to work on please feel free to contact us below. We look forward to hearing from you!