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Sustainable Strategy Implementation

When we came up with the name of our organisation the chief aim was to make it clear what we do from the get go. Sustainable strategy implementation. This is what we do, this is how we can make a difference to the field of Non-Profits. We here at SSI incorporate the EASI framework into our approach. This is a methodology that follows the steps of Emotion, Achieving a Win, Simple and Straightforward and finally Implementation. These step will become more clear as we progress. Additionally feel free to request a workshop with us for the best way to learn Sustainable Strategy Implementation.

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'Lighting the way in Strategy'
What is a Sustainable Strategy?

Broadly speaking, a sustainable strategy is a plan or methodology by which an organisation operates in order to make enough money to support it’s efforts and primary mission. It results in the ability to operate regardless of donations and allows organisations to do much more than they would otherwise. This imbues a sense of independence within the organisation which allows them control over their objectives and ability to help.

A sustainable strategy is not a one size fits all scenario however, especially in the field of Non-Profits, and must be handled with care and expertise. It is for this reason we offer strategy workshops to organisations. This helps identify the tools available to the organisation and the various resources required still. It develops a strategy that incorporates all of the governing members of the organisation so as to create an all-inclusive and supporting environment.

From Strategy to Implementation

Of course a sustainable strategy is but one side of the coin. One of the biggest hurdles, especially in the NPO sector, is at the implementation phase of the process. It is for this reason that we offer organisations a guiding hand through this step as well. Using useful resources like newsletters, social media marketing, umbrella organisations and more we enable organisations the tools to execute their unique sustainable strategy. 

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