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Sustainable Strategy Implementation NPC

An Introduction

Sustainable Strategy Implementation and Easibility both utilise the “Strategy is EASI” methodology, outlined in the book of the same name. This simplified and straightforward approach applies to all business models and is intended to take complex issues and break them down into their core principles. With this everyone involved can get on board and better contribute to the whole. The result is a holistic way to improve organisational decision making and strategy.

Using the fundamental building blocks of Emotion, Achieving a win, Simple and straightforward, and Implementation, organisations of all sizes learn a thinking framework that is quite literally EASI. This framework is interwoven within the strategic thinking methodology that addresses the different areas involved in organisations like Non-Profits and Social Entrepreneurs.

Focus Areas for Sustainable Strategy Implementation

Within both the Non-Profit and Entrepreneurial fields the focus areas are the arenas of leadership and governance, sales & marketing, HR, finance, project management and business modelling. These are dealt with as sustainability building blocks in a capacity that fits the organisation involved. The result is a strategic thinking approach specific to those involved, making for a more personal and practical view of the business model.

The South African Context

The National Department of Health has been using the EASI® Strategic Thinking methodology to implement the Health Patient Registration system in the more than 3000 facilities around South Africa. This implementation process has yielded productive and remarkable results, and addresses the residual shortcomings within the South African educational system, significantly enhancing entrepreneurial thinking, planning and success.


With respect to the development of Leadership, Governance and Change Management within the non-profit realm; it is an accepted fact that the establishment of a successful non-profit project will require the essentials of good governance, that the policy itself will be evidence-informed and incorporate the basics of real accountability within the non-profit sector. The establishment of any entrepreneurial based system that seeks to be sustainable will require good leadership and strategic planning to address the complex, continuous and long-term nature of service provision and the associated risks. This needs to be accomplished by developing a methodology for collaboration amongst all stakeholders such that a shared vision can be created and enable coordinated cross-sectoral planning.

Improving Success of the Non-Profit Sector
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